Sunday, December 30, 2012

Veil, Colorado

Turns out we do have friends and turns out they like to invite us on fantastic vacations!

In November we dropped the kids at our wonderful parent's house and took off with Travis and Lindsy on an 8 hour drive to Veil, Colorado. Truth be told, we were a tad bit nervous. Either we would come back even closer friends or come back enemy's. Lucky for us we came back even better friends! Thanks Guys!

When we were invited to Veil I had never even heard of it and had no clue what to expect. It ended up being an absolutely gorgeous place with items more expensive than what we make in a year.

We didn't take a picture of where we stayed but it looked very similar to this building. Yes, we were living a dream life!

They had these adorable little statues all over the city!

I loved getting away with my sweet husband! Turns out we are still in love!

Does it get any prettier than this?


And our fantastic friends!


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