Sunday, December 30, 2012

Birthday Week

Turns out that having the boy's birthdays in the same week is absolutely fantastic! We celebrated all week long and I think the boys loved every minute of it! Here's to one year older and wiser too…



Turning 3 has been a very big deal for this little boy. He no longer needs help doing anything and loves the phrase "all by myself." He is definitely our strong willed little guy. He knows what he wants and doesn't budge. He is already FANTASTIC at negotiating and he is very aware of others and their needs. Cayson is a fantastic big brother! He is always good to watch out for Dylan and play with him. As much as he loves his little brother, he made it very clear to us that he "doesn't want any more babies at our house, just Dylan."

His favorites:

Toys: Thomas the Train, Cars, balls, games, puzzles

Shows: Mickey Mouse, Dinosaur Train

Food: Pizza and Marshmallow Mateys

Snack: Crackers

Song: Follow the Prophet

Book: School Bus book

Friend: Thomas

Movie: Lion King

Color: Orange

Bedtime Friend: Puppy (still)

Height: 36.8 inches

Weight: 31 lbs



Dylan is quickly learning how much he loves to chase after his big brother. Anything Cayson does he wants to do. He loves balls and already has a great arm on him. In fact his fifth word is "catch." He also loves toys that make music. He is a fast little crawler, but shows little signs of walking yet. He is very easy going unless you have food and are not sharing… yes he is an eater! We are so happy to have this little guy join our family!

He doesn't have a whole lot of favorites yet, but is beginning to grow quite fond of his puppy.

Height: 29.3 inches

Weight: 20.1 lbs

Dylan's birthday was pretty low key. We did let him open his first present

The next day Grandpa and Grandma Rhodes took the grandkids to Jungle Gyms for their birthdays… they loved it!


And I think the adults loved it almost as much! This is our cute new family member, Jordan!



That Sunday we had a birthday party for all the grandparents and family members. It was a full house and a ton of fun! Cayson was once again in heaven when he realized all these folks came for "him" and they all brought him a present. We sure have some generous family members… thanks guys!

Dylan's first birthday cupcake- he is a sweets lover!

Cayson loves dinosaurs- you can't really tell but these are dinosaur cupcakes on grass with rocks.


Dylan ate TWO SCOOPS of ice cream and still wanted more.

Trying to be patient while we snap a picture before he dives into his cupcake.


On Cayson's actual Birthday we took him to free zoo day. He loved his surprise! He loves animals!

Cayson got a Spiderman big boy bike for his birthday!

That weekend we surprised Cayson with a friend birthday party at Discovery Gateway. The kids may not have played together, but they all had fun!

Cayson's new toys!

Ellie, Millie, and Cayson… cousins and friends! The best kind!

Sawyer, Cayson, and Mason

Happy Birthday to my two sweet little boys! We played hard, I hope they realize it's because we love them so much!

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